Some of my published short stories.


  • Peeing on a stick to find out which universe I’m in. My entry for the 2017 Quantum Shorts flash fiction contest. It’s inspired by those moments in life when your world boils down to a simple yes or no possibility, and how that feels like the quantum world. It’s also very much inspired by the recent birth of my daughter, Victoria. Click here to read.


  • AI PI: Or, The Day Science Ended. Published by Omni in December 2016. Artificial intelligence is likely to take over more and more jobs over the coming decade. Some professions, like science, might like to think they’re safe, but I’m not so sure… Click here to read.


  • Finding Purpose. Published by Phantaxis Magazine in December 2016. A surprising answer to the question of how to find personal meaning in a world where artificial intelligence has taken all our jobs. Click here to buy/read.


  • Gender, an Alternate Reality. Published by Omni in November 2016. Based on an argument I had with some friends about whether gender differences are cultural or biological. We agreed it was impossible to test scientifically, unless… Click here to read.


  • An Apple a Day Keeps the Algorithms at Bay. Published by Omni in September 2016. About all the data that we generate today (i.e. by your smartphone and online) and how it could be used to profile us in the future. Click here to read.


  • The Trouble with Forecasting. Published by Omni in September 2016. About the difficulty of predicting what an Artificial Super-Intelligence computer would decide to go with the human race (i.e. exterminate us or not?). Click here to read.